Thanks & Acknowledgements

Thank you to the one and only Sheridan Le Fanu, without whom this derivative work would not exist.

Beta Readers

Thank you to my wonderful beta readers who gave excellent feedback on my initial drafts:

Contributing Artists

Thank you so much to the artists who illustrated chapters for CARMILLA REVAMPED!

Special thanks

  • Blind Eye Books editor Nicole Kimberling for listening to my pitch, asking me insightful questions, being interested in the project, and for the advice to self-publish online at Geek Girl Con 2019.

  • Andrew Weldon

  • Mike McCain

  • Elisa Mader

  • Kristen O. - U.S. Copyright Office, Literary Division

  • Berit Kristoffersen

  • Cookie Hiponia Everman

  • Alicia Hall

  • All the folks promoting CARMILLA REVAMPED around the web :)

And thanks to all of you, for reading.